Wednesday, 3 February 2010

[from now on in english]

Yes, I know! It looks pretty strange to me, too! But in order to obtain comments also from non-italian speakers and to enhance my knowledge (big big words!) from this post on, I will write my "articles" in english!
Actually, that's really not a novelty for me, since each day I have to write down something in english.. one might just say that I'm carrying work home! But that's not exactly true. In one word, I have to be better than the way I am now.

"I see it around me, I see it in everything / I can be so much more than this"
[Jimmy Eat World - My Sundown]

By the way, the language change won't make the topics change as well! Then, tonite I'm going to talk about a photograph of mine (really?), yes, really!

- slothful -

I took this one because of a photographic contest. There is this amazing italian website , which is not the "classic" photo-sharing website, rather it is born only to propose photographic contests! It's quite amusing, really! The latest contest is, as you may already have guessed, Concorso #109 - I sette vizi capitali or the seven deadly sins!

I was undecided between anger and sloth but, finally, because of lack of time and space I decided to portrait the latter.

Despite the background of the shot may look like a studio, I took this pic next to the Centro de História de Além-Mar (CHAM), or the place where I "work". By the way, the background fits so well with the idea of the photograph that I can be satisfied with that.
Now, the heavy question: does this photo represent well slothful?
Actually and obviously, in my humble opion it does!
I sought for a definition of sloth that wasn't full of Christian philosophy and I did find one which basically states that the word sloth means "the indifference about everything. Besides, it designates the dejection, the boredom and the tiredness of the human being in front of life".
Then this idea came to my mind. A figure possibly the most anonymous it can - clothes, too - who can't barely see or touch things concerning daily and wordly life, such as his agenda, a newspaper, a book and his mobile.

In my humble opinion, this pic is a good translation of a word in visual art, but, still, the audience has the last word about it!


Shuwen said...

It's so cool to know that you have English blog! Yay~~ :D I should tell Alex. :) Oh but he will know from your album too. :P
I think the picture is great. It does represent the "tiredness" and "inactivity". I love the picture the way it is. But,I might add more stuffs on the desk to "exhaust" the scene and enhance the "tiredness". Just my 2 cents. I am never good with this kind of brainstorming. Good luck winning the contest. :)

Shuwen said...

You must know this: the comment page is still in Italian. :P

[Daniele&Martina] said...

Thanks for the comment Lisa! Actually if I had the chance I would do something as you suggested.. but I had to take the picture rapidly exploiting moments when nobody was there! :) But, I think that your comment is definitely right!
About the "italian stuff" I shall do something soon! :)

Alexander said...

Daniele, that's so nice! It's great to be able to follow your blog (even though I do understand a little bit italian, it's impossible to follow your articles for me).

Alexander said...

About the photo representing laziness (sloth)... hmmm... it's not strong enough for me. It looks more like someone who's terribly over-worked. :)

[Daniele_Martina] said...

It's terribly difficult (to not say hardly impossible) to give a pertinent representation of a capital sin with just a photo, moreover if you don't have all the means you need! I will do better! :)

..solamente nosotros..